• Wattbike

    Endorsed by British Cycling


    The Wattbike was created with the British Cycling Team to provide an indoor bike that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medalists. Within seconds you can be accurately measuring your power output, your cadence, your pedalling technique and your heart rate.

    The state of the art features of this bike are the main reasons we brought these bikes in over the other conventional spin bikes. If you can’t measure exactly what speed and resistance you are doing it simply becomes guesswork. At Commit Fitness we don’t guess, we measure, test, and provide you with exact performance data. You can’t hide!

  • TRX

    Training for Enhanced Performance


    The TRX Suspension Training is a workout system that develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This equipment leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. You are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise simply by adjusting your body position to increase or decrease resistance.

    This intense, innovative functional training is used by trainers, fitness pros, military and athletes alike, as it provides greater performance and functionality than standard exercise machines. A fantastic piece of equipment that gives an all over body workout that is regularly included within the WOD’s here at Commit Fitness.

  • Kettlebells

    Ballistic Training


    These cast iron weights are used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. They are used for a variety of exercises such as Swings, Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and engage the entire body at once.

    They make a regular appearance on the Commit Fitness workouts during the day. Tough stuff!

  • Gun Ex Bungee Training

    Set Those Legs on Fire!


    The perfect tool for acceleration, agility training and reaction times. At Commit Fitness we use these cords to work out the body under progressive resistance. Or to keep it simple – Burn calories and set those legs on fire!

  • Concept II Rower

    The Complete Exercise


    The Concept II Rower delivers a very effective full body workout that exercises every major muscle group. The number of muscles used makes rowing a huge calorie burner. This equipment provides an excellent cardiovascular workout that will tone your upper and lower body whilst improving your fitness levels. If you want to test and push yourself try…. 500 metre sprints under 1min 40secs. 8 sets with one minute rest…Enough said!

  • Olympic Weights

    Reach Your Potential


    So what is it about the Olympic lifts that works such magic on the human body? Most simply, they engage nearly all of your muscles to move weights farther and faster than conventional exercises. We have a variety of bars that vary in length and weight – 10KG, 15KG & 20KG, 5ft, 6ft & 7ft.
This allows everyone from beginners to the advanced to push themselves and to maximise their training potential.

    At Commit Fitness we use the same diameter Olympic bumper plates which will help in the development of your technique. Along with the bars and plates we also incorporate chin ups, dips and dumbbells – these are the staple diet of most workouts we love to hate!